Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sultan Sulaiman 1957 - 1961 which we all attended was a good system and if it were to continue, Malaysia would be spared some of the pressing problems it is facing today.

1. Racial Unity. There was a good mix of students and teachers. We don't have that anymore. Today the government has to organize events to bring the races together such as National Service or Kongsi Raya. They are not as effective

2. English. Those who came out from Sultan Sulaiman have a good command of English but the same cannot be said of today. Even those coming out of universities still have problem and they lose their competitive edge.

The government is spending millions to bring about racial unity and to bring up the standard of English. Both are important if Malaysia is to function as a political and economic entity in this globalized world.

So those of you who have friends in high offices should speak up about this. Time is not on our side.

Salam to Sulaimanian who are still living.How about making a list of those not dead yet. Som said there are about ten of us now. I don't think so. There are more.
By Ahmad Sirajudin

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