Wednesday, February 25, 2009


At the end of our school days there was a rush to capture memories, to distill all those happy days into some images that would help us go through uncharted days ahead.

Aziz, Naguib and I did just that. I do not remember exactly where and when this photograph was taken. I do remember the shirt though. It was a fine shirt with an obscure brand - "Lifting". It was green and it was bought in a big shop somewhere along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.

Aziz Abdullah (Now Dato') and I applied to do 6th Form in MCKK. Aziz was accepted, I was rejected and sent to STAR Ipoh instead. Naguib went to Penang. he had illustrious relatives there. Unlike me, both Aziz and Naguib were (still are, I guess) good at Maths. Aziz, after a short stint at UM got sent to where most of our electrical engineers studied then- in Brighton, England (thanks to Som for jogging my memory). Aziz was with TNB all the way until retirement. Even after that he was still helping TNB in one form or another.

Naguib, nicknamed "Silvertip" by our teacher Mr. Gopal had his degrees in Mathematics and lectured in UKM.

I fervently hope that Naguib and Dato' Aziz come across our blog and give some feedbacks now that they are featured here. As it is, there is only a handful of contributors and commentators who is keeping our blog alive. Considering that there are many classmates out there with access to the Internet, I would expect more to comment, if not contribute.

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