Sunday, February 22, 2009

SSSS Cadet Corp 2nd Platoon 1961

This is another picture I keep. I was in the 2nd Platoon of the school Cadet Corp. I remember we had a fair bit of weapon training. The teacher in charge (I suppose we all called him Commander then) was Mr. Ghazali formerly known as Mr. Mahinda. He reverted to Islam. Don't know where he is now. I cannot remember the name of the teacher next to him.

Looking at the picture we can recall names of our classmates or form mates. I can see sitting at the front row 5th from left is Abib Mat (Syed Mohd). This friend of ours always sported the Elvis hairstyle which was the in thing then. 4th from right is our Shamsuddin (Sam44), Najib Mahmood, Soh Kim Hee? and Yahya.

The middle row from left are 3rd Ghazali, 5th Mohamad Ismail (I think I called him Mang in the Kampong), yours truly, Gomez and 5th from right is the ever stylish Alias Mohd.

I cannot recall the names of those standing at the back row. May be someone can name them and also tell us where they are now.


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