Friday, February 13, 2009


The Year, 1960, we were in Form 4. The place, not sure, may be Yamada. This is about the only picture I have to share with you. But you know something, there were 3 Mohamad Ismail’s in our class, A, B and the one in this picture is Mohamad Ismail (nothing), that was what our Form Teacher Mr Gopal decided. The one on the extreme left is Aziz (bin not sure, cannot remember), next to him is yours truly, Mohamad Ismail and non the extreme right Osman Ali, Mr Bodybuilder. I and Mohamad tried to follow him without much success. What is nostalgic about this gang was the regular trips to Kedai Sumbu, having air batu campur. Oh yes just to update you, Mamat as we used to call him, was the son of the driver of the Raja Muda of Terengganu at that time. If I am not mistaken was the father of the present Agung.

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