Sunday, February 15, 2009


(Here is a contribution by Ahmad Sirajudin who cannot post it directly yet)

Size: The Quraan tells us paradise is as big as the earth. My guess is in term of habitable area, paradise is much bigger. It doesn't have huge ocean, deserts or tundra like earth. That's comforting thought. There might be space for a person like me!

Physical features: Its a garden state with streams flowing with milk, honey and wine. These might be allegorical. Whatever it is one can drink wine without getting drunk.

Natural Vegetation: Besides gardens there are also orchards bearing all types of fruits and berries. So durian must be there too because it says "all types"

The dwellers of paradise:As we all know our soul is indestructible, survives death and continues life in paradise in a brand new body neither too old nor too young. Everybody is 33 years old and there is no aging. Its kind of hard for my grand children to recognize me! Experience and memories of earthly life is retained. So Old Sulaimanian will recognize each other and talk about previous life on earth. I ook forward to meeting the prophets especially Moses to find out what has gone wrong with the Jews

Lingua Franca: Everybody speaks Arabic. Don't worry if you don't know it now. Arabic will be installed in you the way the install Windows in computers

Family Life:A family on earth remains a family in paradise provided none of its members gets sent off to Hell. A man so inclined towards taking a second wife may marry the maid of paradise, the Quran describes as "most beautiful of gaze". In sexual activity there will be no seminal discharge because procreation started by Adam had stopped. Otherwise paradise will be full of babies.

Detoxification: Before a person enters paradise whatever evil thought still remaining will be removed

The best thing in paradise: The Quran says the best thing in paradise is having the opportunity "to gaze at the countenance of Allah"

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