Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is a picture of Rahim Abdullah our classmate whom we all call Rohing. Some of you called him Rohing Tokki to diffrentiate him from another Rohing in our class. In the photo on the left, he looks very scholarly in a jacket and glasses. He now lives in Dungun. I do not know much about the size of his family. Perhaps he can tell us something about that later by responding to this post. However I know that his elder brother Rahman was our prefect in SSSS. I remember Rohing told us that Rahman died in a car accident some years ago in Selangor (Al Fathihah).

During those school years at SSSS I remember Rohing lived (I believe as a student tenant) in a house opposite the Istana. He occupied a room on the ground floor and I used to spend time after school at his place. Rohing had a good collection of comics and whenever I went to his place he would share those comics with me.

After we finished school Rohing worked in the court house in Dungun and I worked in Bukit Besi. We must have met often. I remember getting his help and assistance when I was a witness in a taxi accident case. That was when the taxi I was travelling in from Dungun to Kuala Terengganu knocked down a cyclist who died.


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