Sunday, March 1, 2009


(Contributed by Ahmad Sirajudin)

(Photo by Pak Idrus of idrus.blogspot)

On the way to school one afternoon, I stopped at a road side warong that sells crispy goreng pisang. When I was enjoying them in the staff room, a student came in to hand in his assignment. I offered him the goreng pisang. "Thank you Sir" he said and walked off with the whole package of goreng pisang. I was not at all annoyed with what happened but amused instead. And I am still amused at the incident today.

In another incidence a girl stopped me on the corridor "Sir, I want to be a doctor. I must get A for English" she told me.
"Good" I said "I will think of something. Come and see me tomorrow".
When she came the next day I gave her some story books including "The Count of Monte Cristo" and I made her come to the staff room to discuss the story. She got an A and is now a doctor.

I have hundred of anecdotes like the above. Teaching won't make you rich but you are rich in different ways, in job satisfaction.

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