Monday, March 2, 2009


I have to confess that I have a strong urge to post this picture of Aminah Haji Rose. After we posted the picture of Miskiah I thought the next one must be of Aminah. If she reads this post I hope she does not mind. Aminah was one of my favourite girl classmates because as I remember she was really "one of us" meaning she was friendly to all boys and girls in our class. Of course there were the naughty boys who "nngusek lebih lebih". But she took it all and she gave back as good as she got. At the back of the picture she wrote "For my dear Som. With best wishes for a happy bright future. Classmate Aminah". I remember she had a younger sister in the school and I also remember she had a close friend named Fuziah (cannot remember from which class) who lived in the same area as her (Ngadang Akor?). The last time I met Aminah was at our get together at Marang Safari. She married Alias our senior who worked in the Terengganu Civil Service. I wonder how many anak and cucu she has.

May Allah bless her with strong iman, good health and every happinness.


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