Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our friend and classmate, Sirajuddin Abu Bakar passed away suddenly after asar yesterday barely two days after responding to my reply to his email. He was amused that his cucus enjoyed reading my blog and he wanted to compile a list of Terengganu words that he felt were becoming extinct and sending it to me.
I have not met Sira for a while. The real satisfying meeting was at our reunion in Marang Safari Park. That was years ago. When we started this blog, Sira wanted to contribute even though he was not familiar with the way the team could post. He decided to just email me his articles.
Last month, when attending a wedding in Kuala Lumpur, Sira promised to come to my place. He never did. He did however talked to me over the phone later and promised to get together on his next trip to KL. I wanted so much to meet him and listen to his adventures in the US.
We all remember Sira as a soft-spoken, quiet person. That is how I will remember him.
Al-Fatihah to Sira and our deepest condolences to his family.

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